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Michael & his hawk Sedona & two falcons

Michael has been a falconer since he was five years old. He said it was the most exciting moment for him, when after all the training his first falcon was let loose and it soared in the sky and then flew back to his hand! He used to hunt with his falcons.

He now has a Harris hawk and two falcons. The falcons live in a cabin with slats in the floor so all their poop can slip through to the ground beneath the building. The hawk is in a screened in building because when she poops it explodes all over the place so that room has a dirt floor. She’s pretty messy. Right now she's molting (losing her feathers).

Instead of walking his birds he takes them out to fields nearby and lets them fly all around with the other birds and then they come back and perch on his hand when they’re ready to go home.